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World Cup 2022 - 3rd Day

Which Players Start to Stand Out?

​​On The 3rd day of the 2022 World Cup they played


· Argentina_1x2_Saudi


Arabia · Denmark_0x0_Tunisia · France_4x1_Australia



The game files show how intense the teams were champions, followed by an evaluation of the intensity of one in relation to the other, the characteristics that most decide the games and some highlights, which according to the FIF-AI, artificial intelligence for football, are the most decisive. 




The game that was one of the first commotions and memes of the Cup showed Argentina playing 76% of what is expected of a champion team, against Arabia that played 27% of what is expected of a champion. Despite having won, Arabia's performance was much lower. Explains why a holiday was given in the country after this victory. 


Relative game intensity:

- 74% Argentina

- 26% Saudi Arabia



- Argentina had a good amount of finalizations, but they need to improve their assertiveness if they want to be at the level of a champion.

- Saudi Arabia finished 3 times and scored 2 goals. The two that went towards the goal, entered.



- In the second most important fundamental, in percentage terms, Saudi Arabia was more effective than Argentina. Full-back Yasir Al Shahrani was the most effective.



- Argentina had champion assertiveness.

- Arabia needs to train a lot. 


what to keep


- Argentina: assertive passing

- Wales: luck


what to improve


- USA: intensity of the game, assertiveness of shots on goal, ball recovery

- Wales: everything but luck. Ball recovery is good, but he makes a lot of fouls and takes a lot of cards.


The tireless of the game were:


- Argentina: Nicolás Otamendi, defender

- Argentina: Rodrigo de Paul, midfielder

- Saudi Arabia: Mohammed Al Owais, goalkeeper, who made a certain wax


The best performances:


- Nicolás Otamendi, Argentina defender

- Rodrigo de Paul, Argentina midfielder

- Leandro Paredes, Argentina midfielder

- Cristian Romero, Argentina defender

Denmark_0x0_Tunisia Denmark

played 74% of what is expected of a champion and Tunisia 42%


Relative game intensity:

- 63% Denmark

- 37% Tunisia



- Denmark finished regularly, in terms of quantity and need to improve their assertiveness on goal.

- Tunisia finished 30% more than Denmark, but the direction to goal is only 8%.



- Tunisia had a good rate of tackles. Denmark can evolve.



- Denmark had the assertiveness of champions.

- Tunisia was regular and can improve.  


what to keep


- Denmark: assertiveness of passes

- Tunisia: quality of tackling


what to improve


- Denmark: intensity of the game

- Tunisia: assertiveness of passes.


The tireless of the game were:


- Tunisia: Aymen Dahmen, goalkeeper, tireless in capturing the ball.

- Denmark: Andreas Christensen, defender

- Denmark: Joachim Andersen, defender


Top performers:


- Andreas Christensen, Denmark defender

- Joachim Andersen, Denmark defender

- Montassar Talbi, Tunisia defender






France played 89% of what is expected of a champion and Australia 46%


Relative intensity of play:

- 66% France

- 34% Australia



- France finished, in terms of quantity, 50% more than expected from a winning team, on the other hand, they need to more than double their assertiveness.

- Australia finished very little, but the direction to the goal is regular.



- Australia were not effective in stopping France's submissions, but had good effectiveness in tackling.



- France had the assertiveness of champions.

- Australia was good, but it must evolve to have championship football.  


what to keep


- France: assertive passing

- Australia: quality tackling


what to improve


- France: goal direction

- Australia: shots.


The tireless of the game were:


- France: Dayot Upamecano, defender

- France: Ibrahima Konata, defender

- France: Kylian Mbappe, striker


Top performers:


- Dayot Upamecano, France defender

- Ibrahima Konatã, France defender

- Aurãlien Tchouamãni, France midfielder


 Despite the excitement of the saved penalty, it was a low-intensity game. Mexico played 59% of what is expected of a champion and Poland 30%


Relative game intensity:

- 66% Mexico

- 34% Poland



- Mexico finished reasonably, in terms of quantity, but needs to improve in assertiveness.

- Poland finished little, in terms of quantity, reasonably, and needs to evolve in assertiveness.



- Were balanced



- Mexico had the assertiveness of a champion, but it is worth noting that in a less intense game, hitting passes is easier

- Poland was good, but must evolve to have champion football.  


what to keep


- Mexico: assertiveness of passes

- Australia: no champion highlights


what to improve


- Mexico: intensity.

- Australia: intensity.


The tireless of the game were:


- Poland: Wojciech Szczesny, goalkeeper, tireless in holding the game

- Mexico: Héctor Moreno, defender

- Mexico: César Montes, defender


Top performers:


- Héctor Moreno, Mexico defender

- César Montes, Mexico defender

- Jesús Gallardo, Mexico defender


The three performed below the tops of other World Cup games.



Artificial Intelligence does not understand football, but it reveals relevant patterns and details for professionals, specialists and executives who want to identify key points for consistent improvement in their businesses. This is a post game analysis, but it can be done in real time or even deepened on demand. One of the great advantages of AI is the capacity for in-depth analysis in real time, keeping the business in question at a high level of dynamism.


(*) FIF-AI: Football Intensity Factor, developed with the application of AI - Artificial Intelligence applied to football data generated from high-performance games and updated with continuous learning techniques. 

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