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Artificial Intelligence is prepared for the 2022 World Cup

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On the eve of the World Cup we want to provoke thoughts about Decision Making and Data Analysis, apply Data Science concepts in a very fun theme and we hope to find many fans to share ideas and of course, cheer for our Brazil!

If we could give a tip to coaches or players, it would be for them to be "rational", "cool head"!!! You have to leave the "feeling aside"!! But will they succeed?

António Damásio, a renowned Portuguese neuroscientist, says that it is humanly impossible for a person to disconnect from emotions. 85% to 95% of emotions are unconscious and that, without them, it is not even possible to decide.

Making decisions is an assessment of the value of possible options based on cognitive and emotional processes. When we are faced with complex choices, it becomes difficult to decide only with cognitive processes, which are overloaded and unable to reach a satisfactory result, receive stimuli from emotions, which induce a comfort zone, affecting the cognitive system and, consequently, may bias the decision.

Do emotions and decision-making matter in football? Sure! They are fundamental and there is a need for speed in decision-making, in addition to enormous psychological pressure, requiring high cognitive processing, where emotions are soon mixed.

With so many feelings at stake, we decided to use Artificial Intelligence to analyze all the 2022 World Cup games, always trying to find the patterns and behaviors that make the games winning. Today we want to introduce you to FIF-AI, which is a semi-supervised neural network that identifies patterns of winning games and is constantly evolving, perfecting the “formula” of “perfect” football. And it needs to be like this, since, as football is a game of overcoming, where athletes, strategies and game tactics continue to evolve, the patterns found by artificial intelligence also evolve continuously.

The FIF-AI will point out the best teams in each match, it will present reasons and facts that made them better together and individually, it will analyze players that stood out and it will show the main actions for a winning game.

And during the Cup it will make predictions of semifinalists, finalists, best players, etc. And others, on demand or psychological pressure. All analyzes will be shared on the I2AI Social Networks, so if you still don't follow our Instagram and/or LinkedIn, make sure you don't miss the FIF-AI evaluations.

May the prediction of champion and FIF-AI give Brazil. See you in the I2AI stands!


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Ricardo Villaça

Ricardo Villaça

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

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