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FIFA World Cup 2022 – Qatar Intensity


On a scale of 0 to 1,000, where 0 would be the minimum intensity of the game and 1,000 the maximum intensity calculated by the AI, below are the intensity graphs of all the teams that have played in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, up to the present moment.


The FIF-AI doesn't understand football, but the AI ​​understood fundamentals and their respective weights that affect winning games. The intensity below is these factors added by all players on the team when they hit the fundamentals and subtracted when they miss. Remembering that football is not an exact science, so having greater intensity does not guarantee victories. A sure finish from a less intense team can change the outcome of a match.


To facilitate the visualization, the graphics are divided by the initial formation of the teams in groups, but they show the intensity of the teams until their last game.




In group A, the Netherlands had a higher average intensity and went further in the Cup.




It is worth noting the performance of Argentina. For the FIF-AI, their intensity was undermined by their performance against the Netherlands in part of the second half.




It is recommended to observe the intensity of France, which despite being in the semifinal, has less intensity in each game.




Spain started the Cup at full intensity. Historically, teams that reach their peak and win the Cup are rare. Although Spain also came out on a high note, it was a clear case of missed shots. And for FIF-AI, submission is the most important foundation.




Croatia also stands out on the chart of its group and was the furthest away.



Brazil, which was seen as a favorite by experts, by the FIF-AI never had a high performance. His style of play contained many dribbles, which disarm opponents' schemes and add points, and ball losses, which disarm his own scheme and generate opportunities against.




Portugal, despite being featured in group H, was not among the favorites of the FIF-AI. Note that your score doesn't go much higher than 600.






Artificial Intelligence does not understand football, but it reveals patterns and important details for professionals, specialists and executives who want to identify key points for consistent improvement in their businesses.


One of the great advantages of AI is the capacity for in-depth analysis in real time, keeping the business in question at a high level of dynamism.


(*) FIF-AI: Football Intensity Factor, developed with the application of AI - Artificial Intelligence applied to football data generated from high-performance games and updated with continuous learning techniques.

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