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Metaverso, ¿qué es? ¿Cómo preparar? ¿Y por qué los datos y la gobernanza son extremadamente importantes para ingresar a este mundo?

What is this metaverse thing?

What is this metaverse thing?

The question of the moment is: what is the Metaverse and how to surf this wave??? So I'll try to explain in a simple way what I've already learned about this “potential new milestone” of social connection.

Metaverse is an immersive, collective and realistic virtual environment, where people will be able to interact and perform any activity such as working, playing, shopping, attending shows and events, and interacting with anyone and anywhere in the world, breaking down barriers such as distance. , language and currency.

In 2003, the company Liden Lab tried without much success to bring the Metaverse to life with the launch of “Second Life”, and some technological factors influenced this, such as little maturity to deal with data, speed of internet networks, and the inexistence of a digital economy so that people could make money in this new world.

Metaverso is a collective project that goes beyond a single company. It will be created by people and companies around the world and open to everyone. To give you an idea of ​​the dimension of what we are talking about, I will list some tech giants that have already invested a lot in the metaverse:

· Microsoft.

· Goal (Facebook)

·    Google.

· Nvidia.

· Unity Software.

· Shopify.

· Roblox.

· Qualcomm.

Today it is not possible to describe exactly how the metaverse will work in practice, as it does not yet exist in the way that the founder of Facebook/Meta described it. What is known is that taking into account the volume of investment by big global companies in this new world and the expansion of technologies such as Blockchain (cryptocurrencies and NFTs), 5G and Bigdata/IA, we are getting closer and closer to actually seeing and living. a new revolution in communication via the internet.

After all, what is Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs?

Blockchain is the technology that enabled the creation of bitcoin, the world's first cryptocurrency. This technology makes it possible to track the sending and receiving of some types of information over the internet in a totally secure and distributed way to allow people to make financial transactions in a completely digital way.

The NFT (non-fungible token or non-fungible token) is a technology that serves as an asset authenticator and ensures that it is unique within a digital offering. It is used to authenticate transactions for all items within the metaverse, such as land or virtual real estate, giving the buyer confidence that it is unique.

What is it and how can 5G help in all this?

5G is the evolution of the current mobile internet, which will offer more speed for exchanging data packets. The technology will allow the connection of several new devices to the internet, enabling the implementation of IOT (Internet of Things) on a large scale. The speed of the new technology will make everything interconnected and accessible, allowing the integration between the physical and virtual worlds through some interesting new equipment such as: Virtual Reality Equipment, Augmented Reality and Smart Glasses.

And why are data and governance so important to this new world?

All these technologies that we mentioned will be big data generators. And more than a differentiator, good data lifecycle management becomes a requirement for companies that want to remain relevant in the future. In this sense, technological innovations such as data platforms and artificial intelligence will be important allies for companies to monitor and improve their customers' experience.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data in the metaverse, it will be possible to anticipate scenarios and monitor the current behavior of people, allowing companies to know what the customer wants before he asks or has to complain.

AI enables machines to learn from experiences, adjust to new data inputs and perform tasks using artificial neural networks, algorithms, learning systems, among others that can simulate human capabilities linked to intelligence. For example, reasoning, perception of the environment and the ability to analyze for decision making.

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Undoubtedly, this new metaverse movement will redefine how people see companies and how they should operate in this new reality, revolutionizing human interaction. Many companies are already eyeing these changes and looking to learn as they go along.


This set of new technologies will once again revolutionize the way we relate to other people or companies.

Anticipating actions and planning how your company will be in this future is very important, taking as a lesson learned the pandemic period that showed that many companies were still not prepared for the digital age, such as delivery and e-commerce.

In theory, the logic of the metaverse is the same, whoever doesn't adapt and innovate will once again be left behind.

Well, I hope it helped people in some way to understand this new world and the opportunities it can bring us.


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