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Artificial Intelligence is the most important technology of Digital Transformation that we are experiencing, both for the breadth of impact and the speed of transformation. It will affect careers, businesses and quite broadly, the entire society. Its impacts on the global economy are estimated at trillions of dollars in the coming years through increased productivity, reduced time spent on activities, increased quality and the ability of companies to personalize products and services.

How much do you know about this technology? How much are you connected with professionals, companies and institutions that are designing the new world? How much are you acting to be a protagonist in this revolution? What is your role in accelerating our country in this important transformation that we are experiencing?

Changing the world is not a task that can be done alone! We want to connect those who want to make the country and the world a better place.

In our association we promote networking, knowledge, development through committees, meetings and events. We bring together the best Artificial Intelligence professionals in the Brazilian market to stimulate task forces and sharing.

Join us! Learn more about our project and membership models for professionals, start-ups, SMEs and corporations. Join now through the button below or download our presentation to know in detail the benefits and advantages: