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The Digital Revolution and the Common Citizen

Understanding the working principles of each of the technologies to artificial intelligence is fundamental for you to ride the wave of the century

Many people are not aware of the special moment we are experiencing. Also, there was so much news happening at the speed of light that it is difficult to stop to think about what is happening around us. Especially with so many stimuli, information, and our ability to pay attention being wiped out for almost nothing.


You can be the next Thomas Edson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Eslon Musk ... You are seeing from the box one of the most important revolutions in the business world happening right before your nose.

Revolutions of the type we are experiencing, caused by radical and disruptive innovations, said the Austrian economist, Joseph Schumpeter, create a wave of “creative” destruction that is at the same time a moment of great opportunity.

In a very short period of time, the competitive advantages of large corporations can be reduced to dust, while small companies, which we now call startups, can be driven to stardom and the billionaire's club in the blink of an eye. For that, it is enough that people like you, an ordinary citizen, can see where all these enabling technologies that are emerging can be used to generate value for society, join with a group of other capable people and undertake.

So it was with Thomas Edson and electricity, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs with the advent of the personal computer, Eslon Musk with the internet and his pay-pall. People who perceive opportunities before others and take action. And so it was with Kodak, Olivetti, Xerox, giants that saw their competitive advantage in their markets be wiped out in a matter of a few years.

You are living in this unique moment with disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, which change the rules of the game, which create opportunities previously unimaginable for the business world. To surf this wave, you just need to have a board and learn what to do with it: surf!

The I2AI - International Association of Artificial Intelligence in Brazil has this objective, it helps you to catch this wave. To catch the wave of Artificial Intelligence you don't need to be a programmer, or know code, as in the same way, to surf, you don't need to know how to build boards. You do need to understand the operating principles of each of the technologies related to artificial intelligence and how to be able to extract good new business models, products and services using these mechanisms. As a surfer, you need to understand how to take a “tube”, make a floater or an aerial, and how this mixture of elements can make you get the best out of your wave. If you want to catch the wave of the century, count on us: we want to make you surf!

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Alexandre Del Rey
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Alexandre Del Rey

Conselheiro & Founder I2AI

É sócio fundador da I2AI – Associação Internacional de Inteligência Artificial. Também é sócio-fundador da Engrama, sócios das Startups D2i e Egronn e investidor nas startups Agrointeli e CleanCloud. Tem mais de 20 anos de experiência em multinacionais como Siemens, Eaton e Voith, com vivência em países e culturas tão diversas como Estados Unidos, Alemanha e China.
Palestrante internacional, professor, pesquisador, autor, empreendedor serial, e amante de tecnologia. É apaixonado pelo os temas de Estratégia, Inteligência Competitiva e Inovação.
É Doutor em Gestão da Inovação e Mestre em Redes Bayesianas (abordagem de IA) pela FEA-USP. É pós-graduado em Administração pela FGV e graduado em Engenharia Mecânica pela Unicamp.

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