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Better, bigger, more beautiful and with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence resources in products and services are already differentials highlighted in advertising campaigns

The term "features" in marketing and advertising is used to highlight differentials and characteristics in order to convince the consumer that a product is better than the competitor: the dual camera that makes incredible selfies, the particles in the washing powder that turn white whiter, the sneaker of the sneaker that helps you run without getting injured. This type of prominence has existed since the beginning of advertising campaigns and is used more or less subtly according to the brand, segment etc. Recently the most attentive realized that nothing more, nothing less, that Artificial Intelligence has become a feature shown dozens of times a day in open television commercials for two traditional brands in Brazil: Volkswagen and Bradesco.

The launch piece of the Tiguan Allspace SUV right at the beginning shows the classic scene of the family traveling in their VW and the highlight: “Cognitive Manual with Artificial Intelligence”. This project by the automaker's manual allows the owner to use his voice to ask questions of an application on his cell phone to answer questions about the operation and maintenance of the car. The old, heavy instruction manual that lay in the car's glove compartment is being quietly abandoned. The blog reader may even claim that this innovation is present in a product of more than R $ 120,000, but in fact the Cognitive Manual had already been launched in the Virtus medium sedan from the same automaker.

But if you still think that Artificial Intelligence is still something restricted to a few wealthy people, Bradesco's new campaign arrives to tell everyone that times have really changed. With great media coverage, the bank presents BIA, a system developed to answer questions and carry out transactions for its millions of customers, also using an application where questions and requests made by voice streamline the day-to-day of account holders. The system is presented to customers in a very simple way and still teaching a basic concept of this revolution provided by cognitive computing: “BIA is Bradesco's Artificial Intelligence. She still doesn't know everything. But with each question, she learns from you ”. Like Volkswagen, Bradesco also uses Watson (IBM's cognitive services platform for business) as a partner in the development of these solutions.

Artificial Intelligence as a feature will be increasingly common in several commercials that you watch on traditional television, but little by little it will no longer be necessary to use the term so directly, being present in solutions that the same technology provides. Speaking of television, you have certainly stopped to think how good Netflix is ​​at recommending movies and series to you. Does he also learn from you as well as the BIA?

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