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I2AI makes up the Advisory Board of the largest Artificial Intelligence Innovation Network in the country

Twelve business institutions come together to define the strategy and guidelines for the performance of the innovation ecosystem. There is R $ 70 million available for the business sector to innovate with disruptive technologies

The International Association of Artificial Intelligence (I2AI) and eleven other important national industry entities unite on Friday (11) to discuss the directions and directions for the largest Artificial Intelligence Innovation Network in the country. It will be the first meeting of the Council Consultative of the EMBRAPII / MCTI Network of Innovation in Artificial Intelligence.

At the meeting, the results of the mapping of skills, challenges and opportunities between the EMBRAPII Units that make up the network will be presented. In aggregate, these EMBRAPII Units have already carried out more than 150 research, development and innovation projects in artificial intelligence. It is also foreseen the appreciation of the internal regulations and the scope of work of the Technical Committees and the creation of the Technological Maturity Seals for the projects.

Meet the Network

The MCTI / EMBRAPII Network for Innovation in Social Intelligence of an ecosystem with 17 research centers (EMBRAPII Units) with complementary equipment, professionals and technological skills designed to encourage the use of frontier technologies in the national industry's production process.

The industry has R $ 70 million available for the development of RD&I. As Embrapii's operating model provides for co-investment by the business sector, it is estimated that the Network generates around R $ 140 million in innovations (in addition to EMBRAPII resources, the companies' counterpart values ​​and the non- financial support of EMBRAPII Units - such as use of equipment and payment of man-hours).

Projects by small companies and deeptech Startups, those with high technological density, are also at the focus of the Network. Non-refundable resources and technical-scientific support will be offered throughout the development cycle of the technological solution, until the product arrives on the market.

Meet the twelve private institutions that act on the Network's Advisory Council

National Confederation of Industry (CNI), National Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), International Association of Artificial Intelligence (I2AI), Brazilian Association of Industrial Internet (ABII), Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (BRASSCOM), Association of Brazilian Information Technology Companies (ASSESPRO), Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), Brazilian Association of the Electrical and Electronic Industry (ABINEE), Association of National Technological Development and Innovation Companies (P&D Brasil), Association for the Promotion of Excellence do Software Brasileiro (SOFTEX), Brazilian Association of the Medical and Dental Equipment and Equipment Industry (ABIMO) and the Brazilian IoT Forum.

Network Structure

The rotating presidency will be under the leadership of the Telecommunications Research and Development Center (CPqD) and the vice-presidency will be in charge of the Federal Institute of Ceará (IFCE) for the next twelve months.

Researchers at the Units will also serve on three technical committees: Training (which will be led by CEEI / UFCG), which will bring together actions to train technical personnel; the Infrastructure axis (led by Senai CIMATEC), which deals with the sharing of equipment and skills; and the Certification axis (led by the Eldorado Institute), which will allow companies to obtain stamps of maturity for new products and services with embedded Artificial Intelligence.

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