Publicado em April 17, 2020

Safe social distance monitoring with Computer Vision

A vision-based solution helps to monitor the recommended social distance in pandemic times

Since the beginning of the world pandemic of Covid-19, we have followed several Artificial Intelligence initiatives that help in the control, combat, monitoring and search for solutions for new drugs.

You can follow, on our Intelligent Connections channel on Youtube, the live "Intelligence is the best weapon in the war against COVID-19", which presents several artificial intelligence initiatives that are being used around the world: https: // youtu.be/cEV1Jn5gGSw

In this post, I would like to disclose a personal initiative, by our notable Artificial Intelligence associate, Alessandro Faria (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alessandro-de-oliveira-faria-97195835/), which he developed with Vision Computational (Artificial Intelligence algorithms that act in the capture, classification and understanding of images of different natures), a safe social distance monitoring, suggested by the WHO.

In his project, he used images from public cameras on Avenida Paulista, in the city of São Paulo, to identify people, with convolutional neural networks, and calculate the distance between pedestrians, with an estimated calculation based on the relative transformation of the coordinates used in augmented reality. When the distance is less than the predefined, the algorithm generates an alert.

Follow the algorithm in real time: https://cam.assuntonerd.com.br/

Information on technology used:

The openCV and openVINO libraries embedded in oneAPI are used in the development.

Intel Inside: OpenVINO, oneAPI

Repository: https://github.com/cabelo/isolalert

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Alessandro Faria

Sócio cofundador da empresa OITI TECHNOLOGIES, Pesquisador cujo primeiro contato com tecnologia foi em 1983 com 11 anos de idade. Leva o Linux a sério, pesquisa e trabalhos com biometria e visão computacional desde 1998. Experiência com biometria facial desde 2003, redes neurais artificiais e neurotecnologia desde 2009. Inventor da tecnologia CERTIFACE, mais de 100 palestras ministradas, 14 artigos impressos publicados, mais de 8 milhões de acessos nos 120 artigos publicados, Docente da FIA, Membro oficial Mozillians, Membro oficial e Embaixador OpenSUSE Linux América Latina, Membro do Conselho OWASP SP, Contribuidor da biblioteca OpenCV e Global Oficial OneAPI Innovator Intel, Membro Notável I2AI, Fundador da iniciativa Global openSUSE Linux INNOVATOR e Mentor Cybersecuritygirls BR

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