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The 3rd Artificial Intelligence Symposium

Check out the highlights of the 3rd Artificial Intelligence Symposium held in 2020

The year was 2018, I2AI was still an idea in the hearts and minds of its founders, that of creating an association that could bring together the diverse participants of the Brazilian business ecosystem: companies, startups, professionals, entrepreneurs, academia, the government, investors and technology companies to accelerate the adoption of one of the most impacting technologies in human history, Artificial Intelligence, in our country.

he history of I2AI is confused with the history of the Symposium. In 2017, I2AI had already organized, in partnership with the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence, its first congress. The association did not yet have that name, and although the partnership was not carried forward, the seed of I2AI had been planted there: an inclusive organization that wants to make Brazil and Brazilians a power in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Thus, the 1st Artificial Intelligence Symposium in partnership with USP, within one of the largest Technology Congresses organized by a university in the country, took shape. It was the first major event that I2AI held in its new phase.

The Symposium aims to bring together market professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, professors, researchers and entrepreneurs to discuss and present successful cases of how Artificial Intelligence is impacting and will impact the business world and society as a whole.

From its almost 600 participants in 4 hours of its first edition to its more than 1000 registrants for 8 hours of event in its second edition was a step. And an even bigger step is yet to be taken in this 3rd edition completely online, which will take place on the 17th and 18th of June. The registration record has already been broken in the first 2 days with more than 1000 registrants. This year we are likely to reach 5000 or more.

You could also: it is not every day that you can have access to a free event that brings communicators as talented as Marcelo Tas, Brazilian companies that are among the best in the world in the application of AI such as DASA and Amaro, great leaders in world technology development like Vivo, NVIDIA, Semantix and Proa, an inclusive survey with the most promising AI startups and a panel with startups.

The first Brazilian to enter the list of artificial intelligence leaders from Forbes magazine, Karla Capela Moraes, experts from I2AI and some of her notables, as well as many interesting panels on mindset and skills and also the state of the art in the event will also participate in the same event. AI research.

There are two mornings, almost 30 speakers and content chosen with great care to please lay people and experts, bringing in simple language the opportunities and challenges of one of the most incredible technologies created by humanity.

In 2020, considering the challenges in relation to health and the economy, people and organizations will have to go further and use the best of Artificial Intelligence not only to survive, but to prosper and create a better society. I2AI believes in this and we really want to have you with us at our 3rd Artificial Intelligence Symposium, which also has everything to be the biggest one.

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Alexandre Del Rey

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