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FIFA World Cup 2022 – Qatar Final Assessment


Since renewing his contract with PSG, Mbappé has gained exclusive “powers” ​​at the French club. Last season, in addition to Messi, Paris Saint-Germain had other Argentines in the squad such as Di María, Mauro Icardi and Leandro Paredes. Mbappé called for the dismissal of Argentine coach Maurício Pochettino and asked the president of the French club to dismantle the group of Argentine players within the squad. The idea of ​​removing the Argentines would be to establish a “new order” in the team's locker room, which with more French players would make it easier to lead.


Neymar, who is very close to the Argentines, was even considered outside the French club in the transfer window of the European market, causing several frictions. Mbappé's behavior within Paris Saint-Germain is also caused by his mother and manager, Fayza Lamari, who charges her son with an imposing posture.


Whether Mbappé at the "command" of the French team will be a success will still depend on the results of the next European seasons, but a cut in time and the final between Argentina and France puts Mbappé in front of some former teammates that he asked to leave PSG. Match numbers in the eyes of the AI ​​will be next. The photo below shows the moment they posed together for the highlights in yesterday's match.


Apparently the final wrote an interesting chapter in the history and lessons of sport and life.

Argentina: 3 – 2022 World Champions

France: 3         


Argentina had 68% of performance relative to a team operating at maximum performance and France had 54%.        



Relative intensity in the game:    


         Argentina: 56%

         France: 44%




         Excellent number of submissions in the match, 31.

         Argentina: had an excellent number of submissions compared to a team working at maximum performance. The goal-direction rate was 48%, which is a good rate.

         France: had a good number of finishes compared to a team acting at maximum performance. The drive to goal rate was 50%, which is a good rate.

         Who scored the most correct finishes: Argentina-Lionel Messi, striker, finishing 4 times.




         Argentina: neutralized 17% of the opponent's moves. Above average rate.

         France: neutralized 14% of the opponent's moves. Above average rate.


         Argentina-Cristian Romero-ZAG and Argentina-Enzo Fernandez, midfielder, were the ones who disarmed the most.




         Argentina: had a good rate. Used 9% of long passes as resources.

         France: needs to evolve. Mistakes in passes can mean a defeat. Used 13% of long passes as resources.

         Argentina-Enzo Fernandez-MEI was the one who hit the most passes.


What to keep: 


         Argentina: intensity, number of shots, rate of successful shots and rate of tackles

         France: rate of tackles


What to improve:          


         Argentina: the intensity in the 2nd half

         France: number of submissions


The tireless of the game were:  


         Argentina-Enzo Fernandez, midfielder

         Argentina-Cristian Romero, defender

         Argentina-Lionel Messi, striker


The best performances:     


         Enzo Fernandez, Argentina midfielder

         Cristian Romero, Argentina defender

         Nicolas Otamendi, Argentina defender


Worst performance:       


         Lautaro Martanez, Argentina striker

         Randal Kolo Muani, France striker




Artificial Intelligence does not understand football, but it reveals patterns and important details for professionals, specialists and executives who want to identify key points for consistent improvement in their businesses.


One of the great advantages of AI is the capacity for in-depth analysis in real time, keeping the business in question at a high level of dynamism.


(*) FIF-AI: Football Intensity Factor, developed with the application of AI - Artificial Intelligence applied to football data generated from high-performance games and updated with continuous learning techniques.

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