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FIFA World Cup 2022 – Qatar France 2 x 0 Morocco


France: 2         

Morocco: 0    


France had 38% of performance relative to a team operating at maximum performance and Morocco had 59%.        


Relative intensity in the game:    


         France: 39%

         Morocco: 61%




         Good number of submissions in the match, 25.

         France: had a good number of finishes compared to a team acting at maximum performance. The goal-direction rate was 29%, which is a bad rate.

         Morocco: had a good number of submissions compared to a team acting at maximum performance. The goal-direction rate was 27%, which is a bad rate.




         France: neutralized 9% of the opponent's moves. Rate below average.

         Morocco: neutralized 13% of the opponent's moves. Above average rate.


         France-Ibrahima Konaté, defender and France-Theo Hernández, winger were the ones who disarmed the most.




         France: needs to evolve. Mistakes in passes can mean a defeat. Used 8% of long passes as resources.

         Morocco: had a good rate. Used 8% of long passes as resources.

         Morocco-Jawad El Yamiq, defender was the one who hit the most passes.


What to keep: 


         France: there were no highlights of high performance in yesterday's game

         Morocco: rate of tackles


What to improve:          


         France: shots on target and tackles rate

         Morocco: rate of correct shots


The tireless of the game were:  


         Morocco-Jawad El Yamiq, defender

         Morocco-Sofyan Amrabat, midfielder

         Morocco-Azzedine Ounahi, midfielder


The best performances:     


         Jawad El Yamiq, Morocco defender

         Achraf Dari, Morocco defender

         Ibrahima Konate, France defender


Worst performance:       


         Kylian Mbappe, France striker

         Zakaria Aboukhlal, Morocco striker



Artificial Intelligence does not understand football, but it reveals patterns and important details for professionals, specialists and executives who want to identify key points for consistent improvement in their businesses.


One of the great advantages of AI is the capacity for in-depth analysis in real time, keeping the business in question at a high level of dynamism.


(*) FIF-AI: Football Intensity Factor, developed with the application of AI - Artificial Intelligence applied to football data generated from high-performance games and updated with continuous learning techniques.

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