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CrediCitrus will provide experience in the metaverse to its members

Positioning itself in yet another relationship channel with its customers, the credit union Credicitrus was inspired to innovate at one of the I2AI events.

The Credicitrus Metaverse project

Cooperativa de Crédito Credicitrus – Sicoob Credicitrus throughout its 40 years has as brands of performance in the market, protagonism and pioneering spirit. Connected with the digital transformation, it promotes many innovations to improve its processes and the relationship with its customers.

The Credicitrus innovation team attended the "Metaverso" event held by I2AI in March 2022 (https://youtu.be/IO8oQNPc-Qg) and from there came out with a great idea to implement a Metaverse for the more than 165,000 members to interact, participate in events, meetings of the Cooperative and even receive consultations directly from this other world. According to Walmir Fernandes Segatto, CEO of Credicitrus, “When we support development initiatives, we spread knowledge, provide access to technologies and new experiences that positively influence the virtuous cycle of mutual growth”.

The focus of the project is to enable members to interact in the Credicitrus metaverse environment through internet access on their computers, smartphones or tablets, without the need for VR glasses (augmented reality glasses), high-performance computers or other specific equipment.

The launch of the initiativewill occur in April 2023 and aims to serve cooperative members and make available the contents that will be guided by the AGO (Digital Ordinary General Meeting). “Democratizing access to technology broadens personal and professional horizons through new information and experiences”, says the CEO.

How can Metaverse be used by companies?

More and more companies are using metaverse platforms as a strategic tool to improve a variety of services and experiences across their business, including:

  1. Employee engagement and training: Businesses can use the Metaverse for virtual team-building activities, training sessions, and other events to improve employee engagement and empowerment.
  2. customer experience: Businesses can create virtual storefronts, product demonstrations and other interactive experiences to enhance the customer journey and provide a unique and memorable experience.
  3. Marketing e branding: companies can use the metaverse to showcase their products, services, brand and values ​​in a unique and immersive way, differentiating themselves from competitors and attracting new customers.
  4. Events and conferences: Businesses can hold trade shows, conferences and other events virtually, allowing them to reach a wider audience and reduce costs associated with physical events.
  5. Remote work and collaboration: Businesses can use the Metaverse to create virtual workspaces and collaboration tools, enabling remote workers to work together more efficiently and maintain a strong sense of connection and community.

Not to mention the use of metaverse technologies for real simulations such as fire, surgeries, industrial safety training and even evaluation of machine operation. With the help of real data, metaverse simulations can replicate factors such as temperature, pressure, space, time, precision of movements and predict errors and train for successes.

What are the Metaverse platforms for enterprise use?

The CrediCitrus project was led by Alessandro Faria, who chose the platformSpatial to create the cooperative environment.

There are several metaverse platforms and to choose you need to define well the specific needs and objectives of its use. Some popular options include:

Second Life - A well-established virtual world that has been around since 2003, offering businesses a wide range of customization options.

VRChat - A virtual reality social platform that allows companies to create interactive and immersive experiences for employees.

Roblox - A platform that has seen rapid growth in recent years, allowing companies to create and host games and experiences for their employees.

Engage - A virtual events platform that offers companies a variety of tools to host virtual conferences, trade shows and other events.

AltspaceVR - A virtual reality social platform that allows companies to host virtual events, meetings, and employee collaboration spaces.

FrameVR - A virtual reality platform that allows users to create, publish and share interactive VR experiences. It provides tools to create and customize virtual environments and allows users to add various interactive elements such as animations, audio and custom scripts to bring their VR creations to life. Frame VR is used for a wide range of applications including education, training, gaming and storytelling.

It is important to consider factors such as user experience, cost, and level of customization and control when selecting a metaverse platform. It can also be helpful to experiment with different platforms and get feedback from employees to determine which one works best for the company's needs.

Congratulations on the Credicitrus initiative!

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