On-line Aug. 15, 2022, 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.

The Data Economy in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

The fundamental role of data in the economy and Artificial Intelligence solutions

Marcelo Coutinho
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What will you learn:

Turning data into an asset;
Value Function, Externalities and Network Effect;
Cost Reduction, Revenue Creation, Risk Management: the value of information as a business tool;
Price, Product, Platform;
Information Economics and Artificial Intelligence.


In Data Economics, a value chain is formed through the collection, processing, analysis and combination of different types of information to improve a product or service. These value chains have transformed several sectors and create new business models based not only on price or product, but on the establishment of personalized relationships with the consumer. These are some topics addressed based on examples from different segments (agriculture, industry, commerce, services) in Brazil and abroad.

About the Instructor

Marcelo Coutinho
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Marcelo Coutinho

Coordenador do Mestrado Profissional da FGV

Foi Diretor Global de Inteligência de Mercado do Terra/Telefonica, Diretor Executivo do IBOPE Inteligência, Diretor de Serviços de Análise para América Latina do IBOPE/NetRatings, pesquisador visitante no Grupo Internacional de Tecnologia da Universidade Harvard, gerente de marketing e editor-assistente de Economia da Agência Estado. Autor dos capítulos sobre o Brasil nas duas primeiras edições do Global Information Technology Report do World Economic Forum e dos primeiros trabalhos sobre o uso de redes sociais na publicidade brasileira apresentados no Festival de Publicidade de Cannes, é colunista de Estratégia e Tecnologia do Meio&Mensagem (https://www.meioemensagem.com.br/home/colaborador/marcelo-coutinho).