On-line April 7, 2021, 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Technologies Foundation: Computer Vision

Learn the division of artificial intelligence that allows equipment to recognize and / or extract information from still images or videos.


Individual Module

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What will you learn:

Understanding image acquisition
Understanding the impact of the hardware environment
Processing, filters, segmentation and morphology concepts
Pattern recognition and Convolutional Neural Network
Understanding the development of applications for object recognition


Digital transformation is a process of rethinking the business model in the face of digital technologies. Innovation is no longer an option, it has become a matter of survival. The rapid advance of Artificial Intelligence, and the central role it tends to occupy in business, brings numerous challenges that go far beyond technology itself.
This is the third module of the I2AI Technology Foundation Certificate, a certification for leaders to take over the new data economy, and understand how to create a winning strategy for digital transformation.
Computer Vision is a division of artificial intelligence that allows equipment to recognize and / or extract information from static images or videos. With the technological advancement together with the decrease and viability of the computational cost, the use of this technology has become easier and more accessible for the development of solutions to the market. Understand how this growing segment allows machines to see what happens around them.

About the Instructor

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Sócio fundador da OITI TECHNOLOGIES, primeiro contato com tecnologia em 1983 com 11 anos de idade. Leva o Linux a sério, pesquisa e trabalhos com biometria e visão computacional desde 1998. Experiência com biometria facial desde 2003, redes neurais artificiais e neurotecnologia desde 2009. Inventor da tecnologia CERTIFACE, mais de 100 palestras ministradas, 14 artigos impressos publicados, mais de 8 milhões de acessos nos 120 artigos publicados, Membro oficial Mozillians, Embaixador OpenSUSE Linux América Latina, Membro do Conselho OWASP SP, Desenvolvedor/Contribuidor da biblioteca OpenCV, Membro Notável da I2AI, Global Innovator Intel e Presidente do Conselho openSUSE INNOVATOR e Responsável da iniciativa Global openSUSE INNOVATOR.