On-line April 5, 2022, 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Analytics Foundation

The fundamentals to start your data journey.

Ministered by GABRIEL DIAS


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What will you learn:

Cloud Computing Strategies and the evolution of computing systems (from monolithic to micro services) for cloud computing;
Massive and Parallel Processing (MPP) and Realtime Processing;
Big Data (concepts and approach to Value, Veracity, Variability, Speed and Volume);
Analytics (Examples) and Models / Algorithms (churn).


Analytics Foundation is a comprehensive, multidimensional field that uses mathematical, statistical, predictive modeling, and machine learning techniques to find meaningful patterns and insights in data.
Digital transformation is a process of rethinking the business model in the face of digital technologies. Innovating is no longer an option, it has become a matter of survival. The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence, and the central role it tends to play in business, brings numerous challenges that go far beyond the technology itself.

This course is the 1st. Data Analytics Fundamentals module and can also be performed individually.

About the Instructor



MBA Professor

Gabriel Dias é professor de MBA na FGV, Gerente Sênior de Analytics no Grupo Big e Consultor de Indústria 4.0. Possui PhD em Internet das Coisas pela Universidade Pompeu Fabra (Espanha), mestrado em redes sem fio pela Universidade de Berna (Suíça), bacharelado em Ciências da Computação pela UNICAMP e especialização em Ciência de Dados. Tem experiência de mais de 10 anos em projetos IoT na Europa e Ásia, além de ter coordenado projetos de Inteligência Artificial em grandes empresas brasileiras.