On-line May 25, 2021, 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Estratégia de Transformação Digital

Alexandre Del Rey
Ministered by Alexandre Del Rey

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What will you learn:

1) The digital Mindset: The 4th Revolution / What has changed? / Disruptors: the pillars of the new world / VUCA Leadership: Vision, Uniqueness, Clarity and Agility / Digital Transformations / The brave new world
2) The Digital Strategy: Uniqueness - My digital transformation strategy / What are the skills and mission of my business? / What are the new pains and needs of my segment and my customers? / The digital value chain: Visibility, Mirroring and Relationship / Clarity: What do I need to know to transform my business?
3) Digital assets: The digital toolbox / Artificial Intelligence Algorithms / Where to use digital assets: Machine Learning: Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing: NLP / Computer Vision / Virtual Assistants: Chatbots / Robotic Process Automation: RPA / AI Planning / Expert Systems
4) Digital initiatives: Technological Vision / Product Roadmaps / Project Portfolio and the Choice of Initiatives / Artificial Intelligence Projects: the CASEI method / The Algorithms supermarket / My first AI project


There are many challenges to successfully promoting Digital Transformation in an organization. The process of understanding the opportunities created by new technologies and business models generates a powerful and mobilizing Vision of the Future. The identification of the unique paths, skills and digital value chain that can be generated gives clarity to the preferred directions and the course of action to be taken. The survey and prioritization of digital assets creates a portfolio of unique differentials that allow for greater competitiveness and performance. The definition of structuring projects and specific initiatives generates a virtuous circle of growth. In this course, these 4 steps will be structured and developed in a pragmatic approach so that you can understand the steps of developing and implementing a digital transformation strategy for your company in a very dynamic dynamic course! The course was developed to train managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals from various segments and professions to become true mobilizers of digital transformation in their organizations.

About the Instructor

Alexandre Del Rey
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Alexandre Del Rey

CEO e Founder I2AI

É sócio fundador da I2AI – Associação Internacional de Inteligência Artificial. Também é sócio-fundador da Engrama, sócios das Startups D2i e Egronn e investidor nas startups Agrointeli e CleanCloud. Tem mais de 20 anos de experiência em multinacionais como Siemens, Eaton e Voith, com vivência em países e culturas tão diversas como Estados Unidos, Alemanha e China.
Palestrante internacional, professor, pesquisador, autor, empreendedor serial, e amante de tecnologia. É apaixonado pelo os temas de Estratégia, Inteligência Competitiva e Inovação.
É Doutor em Gestão da Inovação e Mestre em Redes Bayesianas (abordagem de IA) pela FEA-USP. É pós-graduado em Administração pela FGV e graduado em Engenharia Mecânica pela Unicamp.