On-line Scheduled for June 2023

Governance in AI Projects for Digital Leaders

Digital Transformation Strategies Built to Last

Alexandre Del Rey
Ministered by Alexandre Del Rey


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What will you learn:

Key Aspects of Governance
Regulatory Aspects, New Functions and Competencies
The Data Governance Challenges
The humanity
AI's quasi-human projects
Artificial Stupidity
Biases and Injustices
Technology Driving Cybercrime
The Technology Fighting Cybercrime
The Law and Duties of Robots
The singularity
Homo gods
A Question between Good and Evil


Digital Transformation Projects are always composed of several organizational aspects, which need governance and ethical direction from the beginning.
In this course you will be invited to reflect on the main ethical and governance challenges that you and your organization need to be prepared for. Key aspects to be successful in the short, medium and long term will be addressed, focusing on generating value for society and its stakeholders. With a proactive approach, important aspects for the development of Artificial Intelligence will be presented.

If you are a professional who wants to create solutions and innovations that are Responsible, Ethical, Safe, Transparent and Fair, this course is certainly for you!

About the Instructor

Alexandre Del Rey
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Alexandre Del Rey

Conselheiro & Founder I2AI

Conselheiro fundador da I2AI – Associação Internacional de Inteligência Artificial. Também é sócio-fundador da Engrama, sócio da Startup Egronn, e na consultoria Advance e investidor na startup Agrointeli . Tem mais de 20 anos de experiência em multinacionais como Siemens, Eaton e Voith, com vivência em países e culturas tão diversas como Estados Unidos, Alemanha e China.
Palestrante internacional, professor, pesquisador, autor, empreendedor serial, e amante de tecnologia. É apaixonado pelo os temas de Estratégia, Inteligência Competitiva e Inovação.
É Doutor em Gestão da Inovação e Mestre em Redes Bayesianas (abordagem de IA) pela FEA-USP. É pós-graduado em Administração pela FGV e graduado em Engenharia Mecânica pela Unicamp.