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The best World Cup teams by the evaluation of Artificial Intelligence

And the predictions for the next games (04/Dec/22)

According to the AI, the following teams, in order, have the best chances of reaching the semi-finals. Remembering that not all of them can arrive because they will have to face each other at some point.


- Spain – reached the highest intensity in this Cup, on the other hand of the four teams it has the greatest variation in matches. You'll have to work on focus to stay in high performance.


- Argentina – second highest intensity and is the second highest variation. You need to stay focused and be attentive because, according to the FIF-AI analysis, Messi is heavily dependent on finishing.


- England – third highest intensity and third in intensity variation.


- France – fourth highest intensity of the Cup. And, despite being the fourth intensity, it has the most consistent intensity. The FIF-AI shows a strong dependence on Mbappe in finals.


By the FIF-AI, Brazil was in 7th place if we consider the data from the last game or 6th, if we discard it, since it entered with the reserve team. What most affects the result of the FIF-AI in Brazil are the losses of the ball, perhaps from many individual plays, despite several high performance rates.


By FIF-AI, one of the four teams above will be the world champion.


Analyzing the games that remain from the round of 16, the odds are:


- 65% chance England will beat Senegal

- 58% chance of Brazil beating South Korea

- 61% chance Croatia will beat Japan

- 73% chance Spain will beat Morocco

- 57% chance Portugal will beat Switzerland


Then, until 12/6/22, the ranking will be published with the prediction of the best players, by position.



Artificial Intelligence does not understand football, but it reveals patterns and important details for professionals, specialists and executives who want to identify key points for consistent improvement in their businesses.


One of the great advantages of AI is the capacity for in-depth analysis in real time, keeping the business in question at a high level of dynamism.


(*) FIF-AI: Football Intensity Factor, developed with the application of AI - Artificial Intelligence applied to football data generated from high-performance games and updated with continuous learning techniques.

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