On-line Scheduled for April 2023

AI Technological Fundamentals

Learn the 4 main Artificial Intelligence technologies (RPA, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and NLP).


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What will you learn:

RPA (Robot Process Automation)
Machine Learning
Computer Vision
NLP (Natural Language Processing)


Digital transformation is a process of rethinking the business model in the face of digital technologies. Innovation is no longer an option, it has become a matter of survival. The rapid advance of Artificial Intelligence, and the central role it tends to occupy in business, brings numerous challenges that go far beyond technology itself. The new I2AI Certificate: AI Technology Foundation is a training for everyone who wants to understand how the main artificial intelligence technologies work and can be applied in their companies and businesses. Through a dynamic approach and with several practical examples, concepts and applications of these technologies will be presented, even though it is a course that talks a lot about technology, our courses are not technical. The objectives are to provide a broad vision and possibilities for AI applications for business managers to be able to understand and generate value for their business.
The certificate will consist of 4 short modules (4 hours), taught remotely through the Zoom platform, with I2AI teachers. The modules can be taken individually, but only students who take the 4 modules will receive the I2AI Certificate: AI Technologies Foundation.

Find out more about the topics covered by consulting the individual modules.